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Budget 2014

Education remains a priority for this government.

With Budget 2014, we are following the path set out in Budget 2013. We are supporting Alberta’s families and communities through strategic investments in education. We are putting kids first by ensuring they have access to leading-edge learning opportunities now and in the future. 

Education’s budget is increasing to accommodate Alberta’s booming student population and to prepare for growth - all part of our Building Alberta Plan.

This year, support to Alberta’s education system, including capital, will reach $7.4 billion, an increase of $186 million.

We are spending $37 million each day Alberta students are in school.

This budget provides funding for the significant enrolment increases due to Alberta’s ongoing population growth. Every new student coming into the system is being funded.

To learn more about how Budget 2014 is delivering the programs and services Albertans need, visit Budget 2014.

School Jurisdiction Funding Allocations
This link will take you to a breakdown of the funding for each school jurisdiction in Alberta.