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Budget 2015

Education remains a priority for this government.

This government remains committed to investing in education, so our students have every opportunity to reach their potential.

With Budget 2015, we demonstrate that we are taking our responsibility for supporting students and teachers seriously, but are also committed to funding education services in a fiscally prudent manner. 

The following information represents Education’s 2015/2016 budget only, as opposed to the fully consolidated budget figures used by Treasury Board and Finance, which include the budgeted operations of school boards.

This year, support to education, including school capital, reaches $7.9 billion, an increase of $285 million. Of this increase, $125 million is for operating expenses and $160 million is for school capital investment. We are spending about $40 million each day Alberta students are in school.

After parents, teachers are the single most important contributor to student success. To ensure the long-term success of students, Budget 2015 maintains funding for classroom teachers. The increase in operating support is to honour the final year of the four-year agreement with the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

In order to facilitate this increase, savings are being found in other areas. School boards will be required to find efficiencies and productivity improvements that will reduce non-teaching costs by 2.7 per cent. And Alberta Education will reduce its administration budget by $15 million (nine per cent).

To learn more about how Budget 2015 is delivering the programs and services Albertans need, visit Budget 2015.

School Jurisdiction Funding Allocations
This link will take you to a breakdown of the funding for each school jurisdiction in Alberta.