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Out-Of-Province Students

Transfers from Other Provinces and Countries

Students who are entering the Alberta school system from outside the province (within Canada or from abroad) should submit transcripts or other official statements of previous standing, such as a report card, to the school they plan to attend. They also should ask the school to arrange for the transfer of their previous school records and transcripts.

Students coming into the province from outside Canada should bring copies of course outlines and content as well as information on how their last evaluation was determined, if possible.

The principal will place the student in the appropriate grade after carefully considering a number of factors, including the student's records, test results and age. In senior high schools, the principal evaluates the student's documents in relation to approved Alberta senior high school courses and determines which credits to recommend for students. The principal's assessment establishes specific requirements needed to obtain a senior high school diploma. Placement requirements can vary from school to school.

International Students

Alberta has created school authorities to oversee the education of students living in our cities and towns. They are responsible for the admission and registration of all students in their area of responsibility, including international students. When you have decided where in Alberta you wish to study, staff of the school authority of your choice will find the right school and program for you and give you information about the application process and admission requirements.  Click here to find a list of school authorities.   
Carefully selected and supervised homestay families will ensure your continued comfort and security while you study in Alberta. 

In general, students will require a study permit if they plan to attend school in Alberta for more than 6 months. As entry into Canada is the jurisdiction of the federal government, your questions related to the requirement of a study permit, as well as other temporary resident visas (i.e. work, visitor), are best addressed to the department of Citizenship and Immigration, Canada. 

Visit our Study in Alberta website to find out why Alberta is a great place to study.

Last reviewed July 2009